Friday, November 20, 2009

you aren't being original by ignoring the rules of capitalization

e.e. cummings came up with it first, back in 1923.  Please refer to my very first post on this blog, if you want to know why you are positioning yourself not as original, contemporary, daring, or defiant, but in fact the opposite, when you use all lowercase letters in your company name, tagline, or literature.  You have not drawn inspiration from e.e. cummings to form your own unique means of expressing your brand.  You have not anticipated a shifting of cultural trends and responded accordingly.  You have done what the trailer curtain manufacturers did to the French country decorating theme, in fact worse, because you sought to exploit a dusty river bed in the landscape of Expression Through Font Aesthetics.  I purposefully made that analogy stupid in protest of your creative deficit.

We get it.  You're fun, informal, friendly.  Look at you bending the rules!  But next time, consider the power of subtlety.  Imply your modernity.  Then, you will be.

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