Monday, March 22, 2010

Adzuki Beans and The Kind Diet

These are the things I get so, so passionate about!  I know it's such a simple thing, beans soaking in a bowl, but the colors are so pretty and unique, and to think that tomorrow these beans will make a yummy stew is somehow amazing to me.

These are adzuki beans, and the green leafy thing you see is kombu, a sea vegetable.  You can buy it dried in the Asian food section of supermarkets.  Kombu is used to flavor soups and stews and bean dishes, kind of like a bay leaf.  It is supposed to improve flavor and digestibility, among other things.

I wouldn't know; this is my first time cooking adzuki beans or kombu.

I've been trying recipes from Alicia Silverstone's new book, The Kind Diet.  Several people, upon seeing the book, have scoffed at the idea of a "skinny bitch" telling the world what to eat.  Well, I say she looks healthy and glowing and I want to know what that girl is eating!! :-)

But really.  I've tried many, many recipes.  And the ones in this book that I've tried so far are good.  How many ways can you say delicious/yummy/tasty?  I'm searching for the right words to describe these recipes... I think the thing is this.  The recipes in The Kind Diet are extremely healthy.  And you feel that, when you eat it.  But, they're so unique, and most importantly, so pleasurable to eat.  So as you eat them, you feel good in every way.  And, being so different, they're a fun experience.  A culinary adventure, for me anyway, and probably for most of us.

I don't think Alicia Silverstone is making any claims to have all the answers.  Nor is she judging anyone. She's simply made available to us some cool information to enhance our lives and treat our tastebuds.

So, thank-you, Alicia!  From what I can see, you're beautiful inside and out!

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