Monday, March 22, 2010

Adzuki Beans & Kabocha with Fried Rice & Barley

These are the pretty adzuki beans I soaked last night, along with my own fried rice creation.

This is Alicia Silverstone's recipe for adzuki beans with kabocha, which is a squash with a velvety, pumpkin-like texture.  You can find the recipe in her book, The Kind Diet.

The dish is simple, healthy, and comforting. There's nothing fancy about this dish.  The beautiful beans and velvety squash stand on their own, flavored only with the sea vegetable kombu.  I simmered mine in collard green pot liqueur from when I made collards, instead of water. Sprinkle the dish with cilantro, shoyu (soy sauce), pan-toasted seeds, and/or croutons.
Fried rice is easier than I thought. You don't need a recipe! I used leftover rice and hulled barley, which I cooked yesterday in the rice maker (this involves dumping in rice and barley and water, switching the maker to "on" and waiting 30 minutes or so until it turns itself off).

So, take your leftover rice or grain.  Heat some sesame oil or any oil on medium.  Toss in some garlic and stir so it doesn't burn.  Toss in the rice and keep stirring, coating it with oil and lightly frying it for a few minutes.  Add shoyu or soy sauce to your taste, stirring to coat. Finally, toss in any veggies you want.  I used sliced radishes, carrot peels, and parsley.  Top with toasted pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.  Voila!

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