Sunday, March 28, 2010

Collard Greens

I went to Sevananda this morning and bought every collard green in the store.
I think vegetables are so pretty, and I tried to take some good pictures to show you how a collard green is attractive... :) but I've been having some lighting trouble.  I need more natural light in my life.
Does anyone else feel the way I do about natural light?  I need a house with lots of windows and plenty of direct sunlight.  Even on cloudy days, I open the windows so that my whole apartment is flooding with natural light - cloud-filtered or otherwise.  I know that not everyone needs natural light the way that I and others like me do.  Why is this?

Another recipe from The Kind Diet that has become a staple. Though I kinda messed it up this time, last time it was divine.  And it only takes 10 minutes of sauteing for tender, flavorful collards, contrary to everything I've been taught since childhood about greens.  Saute garlic, add greens and a splash of water and cover for a few minutes. Add nuts and raisins and cover for a couple minutes. Add balsamic vinegar and cover for a few minutes.  Done.

The key here - and the reason I ruined this second batch of sauteed greens - is keeping the greens damp as they're sauteing.  Thus the covering of the pot.  Don't let them dry out! Whether that means adding splashes of water and then the balsamic, do what you have to do to keep it all moist, post-garlic saute.

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