Thursday, March 4, 2010

Great Cooks - Jeremy Morgan

I'm not a gifted cook.  I am absolutely passionate about cooking, so I will learn to cook well, and do it all of my life.  But there is a difference between a talented cook, and a gifted one.  One such gifted cook is my friend, Jeremy Morgan.

I first watched Jeremy cook when he was kind enough to let me camp out at his place in college while I was waiting for the sorority house to open (and here come the stereotypes about sororities... go ahead, many of them are true).  He made gourmet chicken pot pie, sliced potato stacks with goat cheese filling, vinaigrettes for dipping bread, and stock made from shrimp shells.  I never saw him pouring over cookbooks, Food Network, or online recipes (as I do), but somehow he moved around the kitchen like an expert and created these seemingly effortless gourmet meals.

All this stuck with me.  At first, I just wanted to eat the food.  I even moved in with Jeremy's sister Jennifer, who hosted a regular Mexican night and cooked yummy dinner after dinner for two years and kept me fed. But eventually, when I got my own apartment and there was no one to cook for me, I began cooking myself.  When I realized that I if I actually followed a recipe, I could create yummy food too, I was hooked.

So, yay Jeremy and Jennifer!  When are you having me over for dinner?

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