Thursday, March 4, 2010


A WIG is a wildly improbable goal, says Martha Beck.  Mine is to work for NPR.  Specifically, I would like to work on food.  I would like to research food, write about food, talk about food, learn about food, prepare food... you know what?  I'd even be honored to wash food off the NPR staff's dishes.

For me, it's crucial I work for a company I truly admire.  I need to believe in the company's mission, as well as have a personal interest in the product or service.  Those two criteria bring out incredible passion in me.  Without those criteria, I feel like I'm pulling out my own teeth.

It doesn't even matter so much what I'm doing for a company I admire.  Sweeping the floor of such a company, I'm extremely happy.

The good news is, though working for NPR may be wildly improbable, working for a company I admire is a must.

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