Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tofu Cream

I promise I'm not paid to promote The Kind Diet. But for now, I'm obviously obsessed with this book, so there'll be many more of Alicia Silverstone's recipes to follow.

Tofu cream.  Sounds weird.  But think, excellent sour cream/Greek yogurt substitute.

That means tofu cream is delicious in burritos, falafel wraps, pita sandwiches, taco salads, dolloped on top of spicy chili or vegetable purees, or anywhere you want a cool, tangy contrast.

I haven't included detailed recipes for these dishes, because The Kind Diet isn't mine to reproduce.  But I get the feeling its author cares more about getting you this information that she is truly passionate about, than forcing everyone to buy her book.  So to make the tofu cream, simmer a block of rinsed tofu in water for about 10 minutes.  Process it with a couple tablespoons of umeboshi paste, juice from one or two lemons, and a couple tablespoons of Vegenaise.  You won't miss sour cream or yogurt.  You also won't miss the calories!

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  1. I JUST started reading The Kind Diet last night and am hooked. If it wasn't for the ridiculous workload I have right now I would have finished it already. I'm so excited to learn more and especially to read this post! I always loved sour cream and then started using Greek yogurt in it's place. I will definitely be trying Tofu Cream!