Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who Am I?

I've been instructed to write an "About Me" blurb for my resume.  How do I sum me up in a few short sentences?

I guess I'll start by saying I’m an artist.  That doesn't mean I paint or draw.  It means I see the world through an artist's eyes, which means I see the subtle nuances of a thing that make it what it is.  It means I'm driven to surround myself with those things that have achieved perfection, meaning they are as close to their essence as possible (and the best essences are often messy!).  It means I'm driven to create, and I'm inspired by colors, textures, words, or lack thereof, and the messages they convey.  I'm a philosopher, and my philosophy is that we strive to appreciate, create, and be art.

What are my skills, though?  I'm a skilled recognizer of the difference between art and not-art.  I'm a skilled runner.  I'm a skilled cook.  Above all else, I'm a skilled writer of the English language.  That doesn't mean I'm a great writer.  It means I'm better at writing anything, than I am at doing anything else.

What makes me happy?  My niece.  My sisters, parents, family, friends, and dog.  Nurturing others and the flow of communication between them, no matter who, where, or what they are.  Writing something that says what it needed to say.  And at the end of the day, barbecued tofu satay.

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