Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rice Porridge - A Macrobiotic Meal

I'm no trained macrobiotic chef, but as far as I know this is a macrobiotic meal.  I've mentioned before that I eat a macrobiotic diet much of the time - though definitely not all the time!  A macrobiotic diet, in very short, is about foods that make you feel calm and good all over.

These foods also help you lose weight. :-)  What woman doesn't appreciate that?

Another "kind diet" recipe, the porridge consists of cooked brown rice and chopped dried apricots, simmered in water for 15 minutes, and topped with chopped basil, toasted seeds, and a chopped umeboshi plum.

This is my very favorite sort of food to eat in the whole world.

It's so subtle, yet so interesting, the combination of distinct, intriguing flavors and textures.  The soft brown rice, fragrant apricots, tangy plums, toasted seeds, and fresh herbs...  This food is good for your soul.

Obviously, I feel very passionate about food and this particular type of food.  On the side is steamed bok choy, an absolute staple.  Any steamed greens will do though.  Collards are some of my favorites.  Steam them, top them with a little olive oil and ume vinegar and some sesame seeds.  The entire meal is like a gentle hug!

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