Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun Vegetable Tray for Nori Burritos

I've said this before.  I most enjoy cooking and eating when I can have fun with the food.  My little veggie tray isn't anything impressive, but I had fun building it all the same.  I filled it with fun foods, things I love to eat.  Some foods, like the Georgia peaches and heirloom tomatoes, I've eaten since I was a baby.  Others, like the daikon root, are new to me.  And I included a food I've never tried before, a picked cabbage called kim chee.

I always get excited about trying new food!  If you like pickles, you will like kim chee.  It comes in a jar in the refrigerated produce section. I loved it.

From left to right, there's kim chee, avocado, daikon, blanched zipper peas in their pods, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, and peaches.  We drizzled ume vinegar over some of the vegetables, others we used to make nori burritos.  You can see the nori sheets in the background.  Nori is a sea vegetable which is just about as good for you as a food can get.

And of course, I sprinkle seeds on everything for crunch. Those are pumpkin seeds in the background.

I think I've talked enough about The Kind Diet so it's clear I'm a fan.  But since the book really has helped me change the way I eat, I can't tout it enough.  Four months ago, I'd never even heard of shoyu-roasted seeds, ume vinegar, nori, or daikon.  But the Japanese have been eating this food for a long, long time.  The Kind Diet has made this information available to us.  It's an amazing resource and I'm grateful for it.

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