Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Squash

Thank you Uncle Charlie, Aunt Terree, and James (who picked the squash and brought it over) for the pretty little summer squash!

Yes, I know you brought them for Mary and Zach but I stole some. :)

I think fresh vegetables like this are best appreciated when prepared simply.  I like to lightly steam or saute squash, or use the vegetable peeler to make a pretty summer salad.

But I had leftover cooked kabocha squash, which has more of a sweet potato texture, and I needed to use it.  So I decided to make a vegetable puree soup, and toss in a couple of the baby squash to lighten it up a little.  Don't worry, the rest will be cooked delicately so their original cute little form can be appreciated.

Here's my soup.  It was tasty, the only thing is I added a little soy milk at the very end, which I shouldn't have done, because it was soooo delicious before.  I think the milk was too sweet for the soup.  But it was good, none the less.  I'll make it again for sure, but use water instead if I need to thin it out.

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