Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ahhhhhh The Post-Farmers Market Meals

I finally went to the farmers market and the kitchen is completely stocked.  There are always fresh veggies and fruit, but I'd completely run out of the expensive things, things like mirin and ume plums and tahini and nori and vanilla and agave and so many other things that inspire creativity and, when I open the cabinet door, make me feel like I could survive a long winter, making even old potatoes seem exotic!

Alright, I don't mean to compare myself to Laura Ingalls Wilder, surviving The Long Winter.  What an ungrateful idiot I'd be if I did.  Have I even mentioned that I love Little House on the Prairie, the books and the t.v. series?  There's something so basic and good about that family.  I feel grounded and refreshed each time I watch an episode.

So as I was saying, I finally went, and I bought many yummy things and cooked up a storm this weekend.  Often, when I'm cooking, I think about Laura and her mom, Caroline, cooking.  They made apple pie and cookies and creamed vegetables and things out of animal parts.  I wonder if cooking was fun to them, and if they were able to be creative and take pride in what they cooked and make it a little fancy sometimes.  I bet sometimes they did, and other times they didn't, depending on the season and the day; what food they had available and how much free time they had... guess nothing has changed, unless if relatively speaking.

The photo was lunch.  Red lentil stew with carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, and fresh cherry tomatoes. The little biscuit on the side is a muffin I made with the last of the summer squash from my mom's garden.  I toasted it and spread it with basil-pinenut pesto (the recipe I link calls for walnuts, but you can use almonds, pumpkin seeds, whatever - I think pinenuts might be my favorite for pesto).

I also made a random mezcla salad for dinner, with steamed crunchy beets, chopped poblano peppers from the garden, steamed purple barley, blackberries, fresh mint, and lemon juice.

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