Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Southern Food

I'm sorry - I am once again photo-less!  But the pics I take at night do the food so little justice, I hate to clutter up my blog with them... still, I have to tell you about the meal I ate tonight.

Mashed turnips and carrots, zipper peas, turnip greens, watermelon salad, caramelized mushrooms and onions, tomato relish... a plate full of well-seasoned vegetables that fill you up, comfort you, and just make you feel good.

I now have plenty of ideas for Southern meal posts for Earth Eats.  I was beginning to wonder if I might feel "boxed in," offering to write about Southern food.  I mean, I recently submitted my recipe for pumpkin risotto, and risotto is Italian... originally, anyway.  I figured I could get away with it because I am southern, and my pumpkin was southern, and therefore, my risotto was southern. :-)

But I've got a stereotypical southern meal post coming up that I think is really worth sharing.  The mashed turnips tonight were so yummy, they had me wondering why in the world mashed potatoes are so popular - I know, crazy!!

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