Friday, August 6, 2010


Okay. So this is another one of those posts that kinda veers from the topic - or at least, seems to - and may get a little deep and philosophical in the non-intelligent way.  But I just have to say - I enjoyed my time at Walmart today.

I know there's lots of controversy about Walmart.  Unethical labor practices, the demise of America, and such.

But all that aside, I spent five years in Atlanta before I found my Walmart, the one I didn't realize existed so close to all the designer boutiques and cute cafes and independent shops and pedestrian-friendly, European-esque neighborhoods... yet there Walmart lay, just a short trip down I-20 E.

I found it during a transitional period in my life (now.) and I do find such solace there, after work, once a week-ish, when I go after a 12-hour day to wonder its isles aimlessly, admiring the various scents of Softsoap I can get for $0.97, or sometimes even less depending on whether or not it's Rollback time.

Being a big NPR fan, I know Walmart is evil, but I've actually found their produce section impressive!  Much better than the Kroger near me (every time I buy an onion there it's rotten inside!).  Walmart-Eastside's produce is always fresh, picked at it's peak, and cheap.  Kind of like the farmer's market, except in a setting that seems much less trendy and somehow it's probably unethical, but it tastes good.

I want to end by saying that Walmart reminds me of childhood.  Because everyone in small towns goes to Walmart, and I went with my mom, sisters, and women neighbors all the time to buy wide-ruled notebooks and beach towels.  No one in Walmart is pretentious, and if he is, well, he doesn't fit in.  It's a great place to be alone but not, and buy some good-smelling bodywash for a dollar, and Walmart - I'd like to thank you for that, anyway.  Though, if you're reading this - you really shouldn't buy body wash.  Bar soap is much more economical and environmentally responsible.

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