Sunday, September 12, 2010

Creamy White Root Vegetable Soup

I created this soup my first winter in my very own apartment.  I wanted a creamy, white soup made from root vegetables.  Everything had to be white; I even used white pepper.  I used rutabegas, turnips, and parsnips for that first soup.  It turned out creamy and delicious.  I remember sitting on my sofa watching something on tv, with Meeks (my dog) snuggled up next to me, eating two big bowls of the soup.  I also lost weight, unintentionally, that week, because I was on a soup kick (other soups that week included a sweet potato and peanut butter soup, and minestrone).

Thinking of the soup, I bought turnips, rutabegas, and celery root the other day (the only white root vegetables Sevenanda had).  Yeah, I know it isn't winter, but I wanted some roots!  We had the soup today, and Chris LOVED it.  It's only made with vegetable broth and veggies, but tastes like cream and butter.

Creamy White Root Vegetable Soup:
white root vegetables, diced (be sure to balance the soup with sweeter ones, like rutabegas; too many turnips and the soup may taste slightly bitter)
vegetable broth, to cover (I find that if you don't have homemade, then veggie bullion cubes do your seasoning for you)
lots of white pepper

Add veggies and broth to pot, simmer until tender.  Puree in a blender.  Garnish with toasted seeds, as above (our lunch), or even better, with garlicy croutons (our dinner), made from homemade whole wheat bread.

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