Sunday, November 14, 2010

Appetizer Party Fare... and an "I wish"

The more people who know about my blog, the more I feel the need to censor myself. But then, I lose what makes writing, and everything else, good - authenticity.

I tried starting another blog, a secret blog, where I could tell the truth about things, but I missed this little blog, which feels like home.  I'm sorry I abandoned you for a while, little blog!
Plus, if I stuck strictly to recipes, or tried to avoid alienating any readers I may have, then this blog would become something I never intended it to be.

Food was always secondary (to what, is difficult to articulate).
Some things I love: 1. Surprising people. 2. Cooking. 3. Feeding people. 4. Surprising people with food. 5. Color. 6. Natural light (not the beer, for God's sake). 7. Writing.

There are other things of course. Some People, and Certain Dogs.
As lucky as I feel, I cannot help but feel astonishingly emotional during certain times of the month, and today and yesterday I listened to Taylor Swift (thank you, Taylor, for understanding the eternal vulnerability that exists in even grown up girls) and felt lonely and sorry for myself.

I want things I don't have.

And that how you came to read this post.


  1. i feel you. and it is of some comfort to know that even when i feel alone, i am not alone in the way i feel. maybe you will find some comfort in the same.

  2. Thank you for loving Taylor Swift. As happy as I am in my current relationship, I sing her latest "Dear John" (about John Mayer) loud and proud with her. We've all been there. ;) She's such a talented doll... as are you!