Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scenes from the Cooking Process, and Incorporating More Raw Roods Into Our Diets

I would guess that at least half of our meals begin with caramelized onions.  Soups, sauces, rice dishes, etc. all seem to taste better with a base of onions that have become sweet and yummy.

I couldn't decide between eggplant parmesan (without the parmesan - I can't take any more cheese) and spaghetti squash, so I made both.
My co-worker, Jenn, shared some of her amazing eggplant parmesan with me last week.  I tried to re-create it, but I used wayyy to much sauce. Now I know, so next time I'll use two eggplants in the dish instead of one.
I've always thought you can never have enough marinara, because it is so delicious, but in this case I was wrong! The eggplant deserves center stage here.
Last night I watched this movie called Food Matters.  I highly recommend it. After watching it, I was reminded to incorporate more raw foods into our my diet.  It isn't as hard as it seems; sometimes I just forget that not everything must be cooked.  So for the spaghetti squash, I created a raw sauce made from red bell pepper, garlic, onion, basil, parsley, coriander seeds, cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper, and a little olive oil.
Here's the eggplant parmesan-less out of the oven.
And, voila, Vitamin C and lycopene galore (can you believe that's squash, and not pasta? what an interesting vegetable)!


  1. This looks wonderful! I love the grill marks on the eggplant. too bad i just used mt last eggplant...looks like i have to go food shopping!

  2. Thanks Alex, I just discovered Chris's George Foreman, and now I"m definitely going to be using it more often. Anything to free up the stove and my hands.

  3. Yum! I love spaghetti squash and that raw sauce looks fantastic. I'm often all or nothing with raw foods. I should try incorporating raw sauces with cooked dishes, especially in the winter.

  4. Bianca, I know, I think the same way. I just forget that not everything has to be cooked, especially since these days we have food processors and all kinds of stuff to manipulate texture. I used to think of raw in terms of salad, smoothies, or veggies with dip. I always think how lucky we are to have so much variety these days... I know you make lots of raw recipes on your blog, so I'll definitely be referencing it.