Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Instant Blah

Today, yesterday, and Sunday I have felt exhausted, drained, lethargic, achy, and sick to my stomach.  I will tell you why.

It’s because I ate shit unhealthy food this weekend. [sorry, I should try to cut down on my swearing]

Yes, I created an antipasti spread for a bachelor party (which I of course did not attend), and when the party was over I helped clean up, with my stomach.  I also ate lots of chocolate, and a cranberry crostata with enough Earth Balance butter in it to kill a cow (no pun intended).  (You see, this is what happens when you follow Ina Garten’s pastry instructions; I love her savory dishes but her pastry and pie crusts are overkill on the butter for me.)

I ate cheese.

Yes, cheese, which I haven’t had in almost a year.  I ate several of those gross little Vienna sausages that cook in a crockpot for hours with beer and ketchup and brown sugar.

I asked for it.  Take this gross food, add some cold rainy weather, and a pinch of PMS (okay, more like a gallon), and voila!  Instant Blah!

The good thing is, Blah is a reversible condition.  It requires lots of sleep, lots of green leafy vegetables, lots of water, and once you get past the worst part, you can add the exercise part back in, too.

I like this kitchen.

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