Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vegan Dad's Scalloped Potatoes & Butternut Squash with Roasted Chestnuts

I've been eating out a lot lately, which is actually a welcome change, but that eating out combined with all the holiday sweets and family get-together meals which aren't exactly catered towards vegans... and I'm looking forward to the New Year and all the healthy resolutions that go along with it.

That said, if you don't own The Kind Diet, and you have any interest at all in simultaneously delicious and healthy food, you should buy a copy ASAP.

I gave my own copy away, and took too long to replace it.  I finally bought myself another, and am once again inspired and sooooo ready to get back to simple, yummy, really good-for-me food.

And that second thing said, a couple nights ago I made scalloped potatoes and butternut squash with roasted chestnuts, recipe courtesy Vegan Dad.  Not exactly the lowest in calories, but obviously healthier than its dairy-laden, all-potato counterpart.

Honestly, I was underwhelmed.  And I am a big fan of many of Vegan Dad's recipes.  It could be I messed up the recipe, but either way, I think I prefer all potatoes in my scalloped dishes.  I felt confused; was I eating scalloped potatoes or sweet potato souffle (not that squash is sweet potatoes but you see the resemblance)?

Still, I definitely recommend his blog for a plethora of good vegan recipes and ideas.  In particular, I LOVE the tempeh meatballs.

Alright... enough rambling from me.

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