Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apple Pie With Apple Caramel Sauce

**Recipe to come for pie in this post, I'm too lazy to do it right now.**  I rarely make apple pie the exact same way.  Sometimes I slice the apples paper thin so they layer densely in the pie, other times I prefer chunks of apple.  Sometimes I'll use all granny smith apples, other times I'll use 6 different varieties in one pie.  I also change up the seasonings, either accidentally or on purpose.  Once I made a pie with my mind somewhere else completely, so I forgot to add any liquid or butter whatsoever to the pie filling - which happened to consist of granny smiths, a drier apple - and ended up with a dry pie.
Anyway, I do consider myself a good apple pie maker, and I've lost count of how many I've made over the years.  The one I made yesterday (pictured) ended up a tad too sweet, because I added sugar as if I were using all granny smiths, when I was actually using two granny smiths, a honeycrisp, a fuji, a pink lady, and a braeburn... and so should have used way less sugar.
I also normally use more apples, so the  top crust forms a dome, rather than being flat.

Anyway, I was most proud of the apple caramel sauce I made by boiling down the peels and cores with water until I had a syrupy reduction, then adding sugar and boiling into caramel, then some milk and vanilla and I had a perfect caramel sauce with a hint of fragrant fresh apple.

Wow, I've really patted myself on the back here, haven't I?  I need to go run some of this off.

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