Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brown Rice and Tahini Sauce

Two foods you need in your life, if they aren't there already.

1. Brown Rice.  Now, don't believe all the low carb BS you hear... and let me tell you why you can trust me on this.  Because I understand what it is like to go crazy with carbs and sugar.  I have experienced the tiredness, grouchiness, and overall ickiness that come from too many refined carbs.  Brown rice is not a refined carb.  It won't give you any of the above undesirable symptoms.  It will make you feel the complete opposite: energized, comforted, light.  So eat it.  Cook a huge batch and eat all you want over the course of a week, with soy sauce, stir fry, tahini, or serve it hot with cold tomatoes and herbs for a really satisfying contrast.  You can even make it into a breakfast porridge (it is much yummier than oatmeal, in my opinion, though I do love oats too).

2. Tahini sauce.  I use the recipe in The Kind Diet, but you can find recipes online.  Tahini sauce is basically tahini (sesame butter), lemon juice, water, and a teeny bit of garlic.  The Kind Diet recipe includes a dash of ume vinegar (highly recommended in pretty much everything you want to be delicious) and soy sauce.

Keep the sauce in one of those cute jars in the fridge for up to four or five days.  Put it on steamed vegetables, brown rice,  anything.  I put it on steamed beets, leeks, and asparagus the other day.
You could also serve it over cauliflower steaks (from The Kind Diet, but honestly, common sense... coat in olive oil, salt, and pepper, the bake on 375 for 15 minutes per side).

Brown rice and tahini sauce are two foods that make healthy eating easy for me.  The key is having them prepared and on hand.  As long as I have them in the fridge, they're like my secret weapon to feeling good... the problem only comes in when I'm not prepared, and end up resorting to eating out or eating packaged food.

Still not convinced? Read more about my favorite food combo here.

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