Monday, January 10, 2011

Bye Bye Coffee

After a 5 days of gradually reducing my cup of coffee down to 1/4 cup of weak coffee, I took the weekend to do away with it altogether.

I am really excited.  I had SO much energy this weekend.  I doubt that has anything to do with my body being less caffeinated.  It's because I've been eating really well all week - no junk or crappy processed food, and tons of whole grains, beans, leafy greens, and other vegetables.

What I did notice, from not drinking coffee, is that I never hit that horrible caffeine wall.  It's like, the first cup is so awesome, then you want another... it isn't as good, then suddenly you feel weird.  Kind of tired and your muscles feel very tense.  Instead I felt amazing all day.

On Saturday and Sunday, around lunchtime, Meeks and I took a long walk to a little tea shop, and bought a hot green Darjeeling.


  1. Are you eliminating all caffeine or just coffee? I've been drinking a ton less coffee lately, but still love my black tea in the morning (...and evening). I do feel a bit of a difference but nothing drastic like you describe.

  2. Hi! I am not eliminating all caffeine. But I'm only having a cup of green tea or so... and not immediately upon waking. I feel like a little caffeine is a simple pleasure, and green tea gives me a much more even, sustained good feeling than coffee. I do need something hot in the morning, so I drink hot water or caffeine-free herbal tea. This is from someone who had about 3 cups of coffee per day, for years. I guess I feel a more calm and less anxious. Yet still full of energy. (this also has alot to do with what I eat, though). I also like not feeling like a slave to the coffee. Knowing I'm not staining my teeth, and feeling healthier. I certainly would never diss coffee or black tea! Coffee is an awesome drink - I was just addicted and wanted to see how it felt to not have it in my system. What differences have you experienced?

  3. Green tea is definitely a nicer ride than coffee. I'm trying to figure where black tea fits into my regimen.
    I never usually drink more than 1 cup of coffee a day so I guess the switch wasn't too drastic. Mostly I'm just less on edge in the mornings, which is not the way to start a good day! The no-teeth staining is nice too.