Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coffee Free for Eleven Days

Eleven days have passed since I had my last sip of coffee.  Any withdrawal symptoms supposedly should have passed.  While I felt amazing the first few days after quitting coffee, I now have been feeling tired and unfocused.  I am thinking about rest, blankets, cuddling with Meeks, cozy pajamas, and other comforting things.

I know quitting caffeine isn’t solely to blame, and the way I’m feeling must be a result of other things, like my diet of white flour and sugar this weekend… but I also think if I had my cup of coffee in the morning, I may be able to mask the exhaustion.

I have to wonder if my body has become truly dependent on coffee in some way, so that now it isn’t able to function properly without it.

One thing is certain; I plan on sticking this out.  I suspect my energy and concentration will return 10-fold after some good sleep, a regular exercise routine, and dedication to eating healthy every day.

Sorry if I sound like one of those sickly complainer types; I’ve never thought complaining about feeling sick did anything but make a person keep on being sick!  But I think it is very important to document the transition from drinking several cups of coffee every day for years, to drinking only a cup of green tea each day.


  1. I admire your dedication. I only started drinking coffee a few years ago, and what started as an occasional cup has become a daily habit. Good luck! You'll make it through.

  2. haha, Thanks! It is not going so well this week, to be honest! I feel like a different person - grouchy and sluggish! But this is day 12, so shouldn't that have passed? And the first few days I felt great. I'm just thinking I should give it some more time... But having a desk job makes it extra hard I think.