Friday, January 14, 2011

Love Soup by Anna Thomas

My sweet coworker gave me this book for Christmas.  It's full of vegetarian soup recipes, elegantly simple yet creative menus, and perfectly complimentary bread and dessert recipes.  The best part is, Anna takes the time to tell stories behind her recipes, and describes very well what makes each soup unique and good.

Sometimes you make so much soup until you think you know everything about soup, and you just can't think of another possible combination of vegetables and liquid... that's when you need to buy this book.

My creative juices are totally flowing and I can not wait to try some of these recipes!  Fortunately, the weather has been cold and icy - perfect for soup.  And, we have family coming to Atlanta all the way from California this weekend.  I can't think of a better greeting in this cold weather after a day of driving than some sort of stew and homemade bread.

That's what my Grandmama Newberry used to make on Friday nights in the wintertime, when we were little and came to visit for the weekend.  She'd have her vegetable soup and cornbread waiting.  We loved it and it was such a comfort sitting around the table dipping cornbread in soup.

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