Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizer

**Recipe to come**  Appetizers instead of big ole dinners are an increasing trend in the U.S. and in my kitchen.  Here's why (I think):

1. We are all becoming foodies, and we love celebrating what we eat. Appetizers feel celebratory, and they're so darn cute... plus we get to taste more things, and form more opinions, than if we were eating one big dish.

2. We all have A.D.D.  We like quick hits before we lose interest and move on to the next thing.

3. We're all on diets. Eating small bites gives us the illusion that we're eating less.  Or, in some cases I guess, we do actually eat less without leaving a big portion of uneaten food on our plates, thus looking ungrateful in the eyes of whoever we imagine to be judging our plates.

4. Those of us who love to cook get to cook more things.  And that is fun.

5. We are obsessed with miniature things.  Miniature dogs, miniature people, miniature kitchen sets, cakes, and cars. Etc.

6. Globalization. (what, isn't it the reason for everything?) (no, really, we're exposed to more food from more parts of the world, and Spaniards love their tapas.)

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