Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spinach and Potato Curry (Aloo Palak)

Tonight was curry - Indian spinach and potato curry, or aloo palak.  I used this recipe as a guide but adjusted according to taste and such.

You may or may not appreciate a big pile of pureed spinach with some lumps in it, but if you're on the "not" side, you may feel otherwise if you taste it!  You know why I love curries (Thai and Indian both)?  Because curries are big plates full of healthy, amazingly-seasoned vegetables.  So comforting and so full of flavor and so, so nourishing.

(I'm having a hard time concentrating while writing this post because I'm watching Beyond Scared Straight).

Anyway, curry it was because I needed to use up a jumbo-sized box of spinach and these cute fingerling potatoes.
And here the sweet things are all chopped and ready to boil.
We finished it off with some dragonfruit, oranges, and passion fruit. The lineup:
And their insides... if you haven't tried passion fuit, there's nothing like it!

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