Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Build your rice bowl: rice with beans and fresh garnishes

One of my very favorite things to eat is plain brown rice adorned with things like toasted seeds, tahini sauce (or ume vinegar or soy sauce), fresh herbs, vegetables, and of course beans.

I love it because it's the healthiest meal you can have, yet it is also so tasty and has all the varied aspects and contrasts that make a dish interesting: warm, nutty brown rice; soft, meaty beans; crunchy toasted seeds; cold, crisp vegetables; fresh, fragrant herbs; creamy, tangy tahini sauce... I know that's a lot of adjectives but I hope I've convinced you to try some similar combination.  It's my go-to meal, what I would eat if I could only eat one sort of dish forever.
It helps that beans, rice, and all the adornments keep really well in the fridge for easy lunchtime assembly all week.

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