Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Alone Dinner

Home alone (well - not totally alone, as you can see) dinners mean giving in to whatever craving I'm having, in whatever way I want, no matter how odd the final manifestation.

I present to you: brown rice with chopped kale, slow roasted tomatoes, anchovy vinaigrette (from My Father's Daughter), and fresh ciabatta straight from the oven.  To the right, a vodka orange juice to wash it down.  With lots of pulp.

About the pulp.  See, I normally buy Low Pulp because my roomie doesn't like pulp.  However, he is insane.  I finally experienced this moment of realization as I stood by the Kroger cooler, reaching for Low Pulp, when Lots of Pulp was what I really wanted (according to Tropicana there is no in-between), and so suddenly changed my mind and thought I'd try a little experiment and put myself first.  Now my loony roomie is using a fine mesh strainer to strain his own orange juice.  You'd think he'd just go buy some Low Pulp.  See, further evidence he is nuts.

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner!


  1. While I'm with the roomie on the low pulp sentiments, good for you for getting what you want! I too often put myself 2nd too, like Tuesday when my bf decided he prefers angel hair with his spaghetti. The next night, I bought a box of linguine and had mine *my* way!

  2. Good for you! I love angel hair AND linguine, it just depends on my craving and maybe the type of sauce i'm using. Pasta was actually my first craving tonight but I went with rice. Pasta is manana :-D

  3. LOVE it Helen! Love that you made a meal out of what you wanted and love that you bought the juice you wanted!!! xo