Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little on running this morning

This morning, I woke up at 7:30am (right when I usually start my run), and decided I would not run as I was tired and could use another hour of sleep.

But.  My neighbor’s dog was yowling as if being tortured (he’d been doing this since about 5:00am and I’ll go ahead and say I do not care for this particular neighbor or her miniature pinscher and he does not care for my Meeks – there’s your red flag; who could not love Meeks??).

And, I started regretting the fact that I hadn’t run this morning before suddenly realizing that I was regretting not running while I still had time to run.

So I got up and threw on my clothes fast, as I was now running (pun!) late.

Goodness, there is just no better way to start my day than with a run!  Even when it’s hot and humid and I wipe out while people in cars and on bikes watch and I know they’re giggling as I pick myself up quickly and examine the big bloody scrapes on my knees, hands, and elbows.

After the wipe out, I skipped my ipod to Michael Jackson’s Bad and continued running, faster this time.  As I passed other runners and bikers going the opposite direction they glanced at my bloody legs with varying expressions of disgust and what I imagined in my mind could only be admiration. That girl is hard core!

Yes. I guess so, I guess I am.  I picked up my pace but only for a few seconds because honestly I was getting tired towards the end of the run.

There are so many things I love about a morning run.  The beautiful red female doberman pinscher I stop and pet (and drool over) almost every morning.  The surge of energy I experience afterwards as I shower and dress for work.  The iced espresso I reward myself with on my way in to work.  The endorphin buzz that carries me into the afternoon and makes me a generally more cheerful person to be around.

What I don’t love: Getting up and going straight out the door before my muscles warm up.  How after a hot run I continue sweating sometimes as I blowdry my hair.  How my face sometimes stays red – not just the cheeks; that’d be cute, but my whole entire face including nose, eyelids, forehead, etc.  Less cute, more Oompa-Loompaish.

Anyway, now I’m sitting here on my lunch break with big white bandages on my knees looking silly and I’m here to tell you that the bloody knees, the getting up early, the sweating, and the red face are all worth it.  Besides, you only wipe out like once a year.  Last time I busted my ass was May 2010.


  1. Great post! Maybe one day I will love running as much as you. I hope your knees heal quickly. :-)

  2. Nice post. I can definitely relate!

  3. Heather, I didn't always love running. When I first started, I wanted to turn around after 2 minutes. It grows on you.