Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Masala for Crispy

Chris had been talking about potato cauliflower curry (or aloo gobi) for weeks.  But I kept getting distracted by homegrown tomatoes (heck if I’m going to cook those things down! we had them as sandwiches, with fresh creamed corn, and sliced on homemade pizza instead) and other cravings that weren’t hot, spicy curry.  It is summertime, after all!

But I did have potatoes from momma’s garden, sitting there waiting and starting to whither.  And I do love my Chris.  So last night I made him not only potato cauliflower curry, but homemade banana naan to go with it, even though we had a package of storebought garlic naan.  That’s how much I love him (and cooking).

And even though my naan didn’t meet my expectations exactly (I’ll have to try it again, since it is super quick to make), it’s a good thing I went for homemade because we tried the storebought naan and Chris declared it disgusting, after saying mine was yum. J

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