Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Fall Run

The first Fall run is nice.  You realize you’re faster than you thought, without 100-degree weather draining you of all but the minimal energy required to maintain running status.  Everything feels lighter and all bouncy, and you run like you’re running away from something the entire 7 miles or whatever distance.

If some mal-intending bum or crazy person spotted you towards the end of your run and thought you an easy target, thinking you’re probably all worn out from that running, he’d be wrong!  You have more energy than when you started an hour ago.  You are almost sprinting.

There’s something else, too.  Change, literally, stirs the air.  You feel a distant nostalgia for moments that took place long ago, for seconds, days, people and opportunities you’ve lost forever.   But you also wonder, excitedly, what’s to come.

You take long, rhythmic strides, leaping over obstacles (because you remember), with your chin up (you breathe better that way).  You take it all in, because it is ever so brief.

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  1. Sigh...geez, now I want to go out for a run!! That sounded so awesome. Great post! :)