Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome Baby Nolan!

My nephew was born today! He is perfect, just like his big sister Abby.  I love being an aunt!

Some fun facts from the day:

- Because Nolan was delivered c-section, we couldn't be in the operating room, but Laurie (my baby sister) and I had our ears to the door the moment he came out, and we heard a loud waahhhhh! It was music to our ears, and what is cool is that we heard the exact same first wail from our niece Abby, when she was born over two years ago.

- I got to go in the operating room with Abby just after delivery so she could see her baby brother for the first time.  I held her as she looked down at baby Nolan squirming and screaming on that metal tray table while they cleaned him up.  Her reaction and the site of him just made me cry, she at first looked shocked that this is what came out of her mommy's tummy, then immediately said in the sweetest voice, "Hey Nolan" and when he sneezed she said "Awww, bless you Nolan!"

- Mary and Zach (mom and dad) are doing great and are so proud of their new family, as they should be!

- Abby fell in love at first sight with her new brother, and considered him her responsibility to protect.  It bordered on frustrating for the rest of us who were dying to hold him, but really, he is HER brother, isn't he?

- I'll end with this funny video.  We love you Nolan, welcome to the world!


  1. Congrats, Auntie Helen! Babies are such miracles, no? He is a total doll just like his protective big sis!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting to welcome a new member of the family! Thinking about you this week as we prepare to go to Matt's wedding in San Fran.

  3. Aww, y'all have fun this weekend! Congratulations to Matt! I'm sure it will be great to see everyone in one place.