Saturday, October 15, 2011

What I Really Ate: Dinner at Apres Diam

*Sorry for the flash photos.

We're at Apres Diam almost once a week.  It isn't that the food is that great, though it definitely isn't bad or else there's no way I'd be there weekly.  What we like is the location and atmosphere; it's right next door to our favorite theater, and has a decidedly European feel, a world music dj, and friendly bartenders.

Last night, Chris ordered the lobster crostini appetizer, and of course I had half, lobster being one of my favorite foods since I was little.  It was tasty but they could have cut way down on that butter sauce.
I had a gin martini with lots of olive juice.
And a greek salad with salmon, and I left behind most of the pita and all of the of raw onions (which were cut into big chunks, don't people know better?).

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