Thursday, February 18, 2010

Light, Refreshing Salad

I normally think that carrots contribute little to no flavor to salads, so I leave them out.  But I made a salad today that worked for carrots.  Here it is:

So - by the way, Google, please fix your dang blog formatting issues, I give up - anyway... as I was saying.  This salad has:

sweet onion
green olives
pumpkin seeds
lemon juice
hemp oil

It is packed with flavor, but simple enough to let the carrots contribute without confusing.  I slice them with a vegetable peeler; I don't like them grated or chopped in salad.


  1. Reading your posts makes me want to run out the door and head to my local farmer's market immediately. Then I want to go home and make food that is never as tasty as H-food.

    Can you make baklava next? Kthanks.


  2. ha! You are overestimating my skills. But I am going to try baklava very soon just because you suggested it. :-) BTW, how is SF?? I might be out that way soon.

  3. SF is fabulous. I'm not good at documenting much of it. :) Get over here, Helen.

    Happy Birthday!!