Sunday, March 28, 2010

Black-Eyed Pea Falafel

It seems I'm working my way through The Kind Diet.  The recipes are so good, and just what I crave, that I've no incentive to try anyone else's recipes right now.  When summer comes, I'll start branching out.  Alicia Silverstone follows a macrobiotic diet, thus she eats alot of winter-friendly root vegetables, greens, dried beans, and rice.  When summer gets here, you better believe I'll be taking advantage of all the gorgeous tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, and strawberries!

I should say that while I never intended to eat "macrobiotically," I naturally eat this way because a macrobiotic diet is largely about eating what is fresh and in season.  I've also found that the macrobiotic recipes in The Kind Diet have made me feel really good in every way.  They comfort, calm, and replenish.  They seem to soothe both physical and mental anxiety.  I may sound wacky here, but I bet you understand what I mean whether you realize it or not.  It isn't a crazy concept, anyhow, that the most natural thing to do is eat what's in season.

I mean, for you Southerners out there, who know what it's like to grow, harvest, and cook your own food - when you eat a big plate of cream corn, collards, zipper peas, and cornbread, don't you feel nourished?  That feeling is what I'm trying to describe.

On to the black-eyed pea croquettes, or as I call them, falafel.  That's really what they are, just ground up black-eyed pea patties instead of chickpea patties.  They were pretty tasty, but could have been better since I'm not the best fryer.  I didn't check the temperature of the oil, so I burned the croquettes before they could cook sufficiently on the inside.  They weren't rendered inedible, though. :-)  Alicia serves hers with a malt barley syrup and dijon mustard dressing, seen in the background of the picture.  Personally, I recommend these stuffed in a pita with tahini sauce, cucumbers, and tomato.  Just like falafel!

To make the pea patties, grind raw, overnight-soaked peas in the food processor with cilantro and a couple teaspoons of soy sauce.  Form into croquettes and fry.  That's it!


  1. This post got me thinking about the best black-eyed peas I've ever had. Jason wanted a traditional New Years meal with greens and peas, so to the kitchen I went. I found this Tyler Florence recipe and got to work: I love bacon, but I'm willing to bet you could omit it and they'd still be so yummy! It was something about the texture- the pureed peas with the whole peas and the freshness the lemon and cilantro added. All of that with a spicy kick... man oh man! So yummy!

  2. I thought I responded to your comment a long time ago! I guess my comment didn't post. I referred back to your comment because I knew I was going to try the recipe at some point, and I'm trying it tomorrow night! Thank you for the recommendation. I'll let you know how it turns out! :)