Saturday, March 6, 2010

Appetizer & Dip Party

Sometimes I get tired of one-pot dinners, or main dishes with three sides, or big dinner salads... basically, I just want things to be fun and different.  I think making several appetizers and having that for dinner - whether you're having people over, you have a family with kids to feed, or it's just two of you, like in my case last night - is a really fun change.  It makes things feel special and more interesting.  So last night we had three dishes with dip.  The first is a simple veggie platter with white bean dip:
I discovered that Chris loves radishes, as he ate them all immediately before he ate any of the other veggies! Who knew?

The second dish was fingerling potato fries with the roasted red pepper ketchup I made the day before.  All you do is toss these in olive oil, onions, and herbs and bake them on 350 for around an hour.  Roasted potatoes are one of our favorite dishes and I make them alot (whoever still wants to deny that "alot" is a word is out of his mind!).
Yes, that is indeed a John Deer tray.  I find that bringing this tray to parties is a great way to make things awkward in a fun way.

Okay, and the final dish was steamed veggie dumplings floating in miso soup with a plum dipping sauce.  Now that I know how easy wonton wrappers are to use, I'll be making these all the time and filling them with everything under the sun.

I made a plum sauce to accompany the dumplings, boiling down prunes because I had no plums with soy sauce, rice vinegar, lime juice, garlic, fresh ginger, lemongrass, and tons of fresh and dried chilies.  I then needed to add a little water to thin it out, and even more chilies.  Let it sit over night in the fridge and that stuff is delicious.

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  1. So weird! Jason loves raw radishes as well. He once bought a bunch at the farmer's market and was eating them before we even got home. I, however, do not love how frequent and smelly they make his burps. Yucko.