Friday, May 21, 2010

Australian Bakery Cafe

This morning, I made a stop by the Australian Bakery Cafe.  There are two locations, one in Marietta Square, and one in East Atlanta.

What you see above is the second half of my very yummy "apple slice."  I didn't allow myself to eat the whole thing - yet - because I also bought and finished a veggie pastie. :-)

Australian Bakery carries a variety of unique pastries and pies.  It's owners, Neville and Mark, opened the bakery to introduce these Australian goodies to the American market.

The bakery also carries unique, imported packaged items.  Like this can of mushy peas I bought.
I love trying foods I've never tried before!  Neville asked me what I planned to do with my mushy peas.  Naturally, I had no idea.  So he gave me a few suggestions, including using the peas as a sandwich topping or a side, like some people use coleslaw.

He also explained to me the process of making the peas, which includes dehydrating and then reconstituting the peas.  Apparently, they all must be harvested at the same time, so they need to be used or preserved as quickly as possible.  Thus, mushy peas.

Upon googling "mushy peas," my brain started churning with new, creative ways to use my can of peas.  I thought I'd heard Nigella Lawson talk about mushy peas before, and sure enough, I found this recipe.

Of course, as soon as I decide what to do with my mushy peas, I'll share with you!


  1. OMG! Whenever Jeremy makes his delicious fish and chips, he makes Jamie Oliver's mushy peas. Check 'em out. I love them almost as much as the fish and chips, and I'm sure they're way better for me!

  2. Ohhhh, cool! So I've got this can of mushy peas, but I think I'll try making the fresh ones, too. Upon googling "mushy peas" I realized that these are way common and people love them. Where have I been? The United States, apparently...