Friday, May 21, 2010

Heirloom Tomato Sandwiches

I didn't take the time to make these as tidy as they could be. But they're delicious, all the same. Tomato sandwiches are such a classic southern summer food. Now that tomatoes are in season, expect to see tomatoes in every other post. For these, I used sourdough bread. I used a glass to cut even circles out of the bread and heirloom tomato slices. I stirred fresh lemon juice and chopped basil and cilantro into vegenaise, and spread it on the bread, topped it with the tomato, some S&P, olive oil, and more chopped herbs. We dipped these in a little balsamic vinegar on the side for an extra treat.

These were an appetizer to stave off hunger while the macaroni and cheese was baking. I think that if put together a little neater (which is EASY to do, I was just in a hurry), these would be such a cute party appetizer.

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