Friday, June 25, 2010

Know Thyself

Laurie, this is for you.

Why is it that women [I] are [am] so inclined to please others that even if we know ourselves quite well, we still suppress parts of ourselves in order to make sure others are happy or that the situation is conflict-free?

It isn't that we sacrifice the most important values, or who we are at the core (unless we have a bigger problem than I'm talking about on this post), but why is it sometimes easier to be fully ourselves only when we are fully alone?

For example, the real Helen's favorite channels are TV Land and Hallmark, with the occasional Food Network, maybe CNN on rare occasion.  Which offers some insight into where I fall on the "Dork at Heart" scale.  But when I'm watching TV with others, I can't enjoy Andy Griffith, Little House on the Prairie, and Golden Girls quite as much because I'm concerned about the boredom of my TV-watching partner.  I'd rather watch the prison reality show Lockup.  Could you get more opposite of Little House???

The thing is, I fully enjoy watching Lockup, because it is pretty darn fascinating and I get to share the experience of watching it.

But tonight, I'm alone, and I am watching Everybody Loves Raymond.  Here's to branching out, but always, always, always Knowing Thyself.


  1. I do that too :) Yet then I sit through sports or something else with the boyfriend and wonder why it is that they don't think for a second that maybe we'd rather be watching something else...

  2. Good point. :-) I think they're wired differently. How convenient for them!