Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Didn't Make It Through Detox.

Maybe I chose the wrong week.  I've done detoxes before and made it through without too much of a problem.  But by day four, I was sick of whole grains, tired of raw and steamed vegetables, salads, and soups.  Cooking felt like a chore, and my options felt limited.

After a long day at work, I excitedly walked to the Kroger with a mental shopping list: frozen veggie burgers, that Tuscan loaf of bread that you buy in the bakery section, take home, and finish baking (yum!), maybe even some tortilla chips!  The theme was - yep - convenience food and processed carbs.  I don't even eat that many processed carbs and prepared food, but something about not having the option really stressed me out!

Then, guess who I ran into.  Chris.  I found him by the bananas.  He already had crackers, tortilla chips, and cherries in his basket (by the way, don't most people start in produce and end by the chips??).  It seems we were on the same page.  We were suffering Detox Burnout.  Too much of a good thing; that is, vegetables and grains, with no junk food to put them in perspective. Kinda like sunshine without the rain. (groan).  Anyway.

Sometimes, life does indeed call for convenience food!

PS. The sweets are another thing altogether.  I'm determined to stop eating them at work for both my mental and physical health.  Plus, if I'm eating cookies every day, it's no fun to have a "cupcakes for dinner" night, once in a while!  The vegan cupcakes I bake at home blow non-vegan bakery cookies out of the water any day!


  1. Sometimes I think the stress of not eating the bad foods hurts the efforts for losing weight. I remember when I was trying to drop some weight and I was getting so flustered by the scale not budging!! I finally told myself to relax because stress doesn't help... and then I lost a few lbs!

    I hope you enjoy your goodies! Sugar is a tough one. I gave it up one thing at a time. First it was cookies, then it was syrup on pancakes... etc. Though now I eat cookies, but agave sweetened if I can :D

  2. Helen - I struggle with overindulging in sugary confections. I am once again trying to limit their appearance in my diet. I am now asking myself "Can I have this anytime? Or is this a special treat that is not easily made/bought/had?" If it is truly something special then I indulge, otherwise I skip it.

  3. Yes - I relate to you both. It may sound crazy, but I feel sugar is the common denominator between things going smoothly in my life and things being all wacky! Good thing is, when you know that, it's easy to change. As long as you replace it with delicious, healthful food. Thanks for your comments!

  4. I get the sugar addiction, and had a similar experience after a few days of Sugar Detox. I ended up running to Trader Joe's and getting a loaf of bread, avocados, portobello mushrooms, and provolone cheese to feast on.

    I also love that you ran into Chris at the store. ;) What was he going to do--eat it in the car and store the rest in there?

  5. Lauren, I don't know what Chris was going to do. But I find the plastic tear tops of beef jerky wrappers in his car ALL the time. Mmmhmm.