Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lavender Le Creuset

Okay, so the beautiful lavender Le Creuset baking dish you see on the cover of Southern Living? I just splurged - yes, splurged; I don't normally pay that much for a simple baking dish - and now this gorgeous dish is mine.  It is sitting on my counter, earning it's keep with it's perfect shade of purple.  Lovely, lilac ceramic plate, you're worth every penny plus twenty... eh, that's not that much but you get it.


  1. I looooove Le Creuset, and that lavender piece is gorgeous! The products are certainly expensive (I only have a few pieces - and they were all gifts!), but they work wonderfully & will last FOREVER! And they just look so beautiful. It's like functional art, right?! :) I love my green LC kettle sitting on my stove, and it adds such a great pop of color to the kitchen.

  2. You're so right, Jess! I think art should be functional and I like everything I use to be pretty. Why not, right? Thanks for the comment! :-)