Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fig Preserves from Aunt Cacky

Yummy.  I LOVE fig preserves.  You will never taste anything so delectable as warm fig preserves over vanilla ice cream.  In fact, I love fig-anything.

Last weekend, I stopped by the beautiful home of Uncle Hal and Aunt Cacky to say hello.
Like my other aunts and uncles, Aunt Cacky and Uncle Hal had a definite influence on my love of cooking.  Uncle Hal is known for his creole boils and stews.  And of all my family, when I think of adorable and delicious desserts, I think of Aunt Cacky!

So no wonder she gave me this precious little jar of fig preserves.  It is calling my name.
No, wait, Fig Preserves, you cannot get away!  I'm going to have to try you now.

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