Friday, August 20, 2010

Living Walls

This particular form of art may not seem related to food but it is if you'll stick with me.

Just need to brag a little about my talented boyfriend.

Street artists from all over the United States joined together in Atlanta for this weeklong art project, called Living Walls.  I'm not very knowledgeable about graffiti, but I do know they painted up this huge building and it looked really cool.  Chris is not huge into street art either, but he did a few things that looked awesome.
I liked to stand beside his pieces and watch people's reaction as they walked by. :-)
And here's the food part. We had jalapeno margaritas before the show!


  1. I love the PBR robot people!!! And the jalepeno margarita sounds delicious!!

  2. Very talented! Are they painted or digital? Either way they look awesome. And yum... love margaritas!

  3. Thanks for the comments y'all! Stephenie, they're digital wheatpastes. He's a designer, like you!