Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vegetable Soup and Jalapeño Cornbread

It was cold and cloudy, so I made soup and cornbread.

Vegetable soup, with cabbage and red potatoes and carrots and tomatoes and whatever else I had in the fridge.
The cornbread is a recipe I make all the time, with several modifications, but this time I wasn't thinking and I forgot to nix the flour (I HATE flour in cornbread! It is no longer cornbread, but a hush puppy, in my opinion) in favor of all cornmeal. So the cornbread didn't turn out.  But normally, it does.

Anyway, I like to add caramelized onions and fresh jalapeños and corn (sometimes cream corn, in which case I use less milk, other times frozen corn kernels).

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  1. that cornbread looks awesome with the little colorful flecks of jalapeno.