Monday, January 31, 2011

Almond Cupcakes With Apricot Preserves Filling

MmmmmmmMMM!  If you love cupcakes, you should seriously get Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World - I don't care if you're vegan or not, they are awesome.  Just make sure you substitute agave for sugar in the recipe (and in doing so, reduce all liquids by 1/3, and use 3/4 the amount of sweetener [agave] the recipe calls for [sugar]), because I think agave is the secret to why the cupcakes turn out so tender and delectable.

I replaced 1/2 of the white flour with whole wheat pastry flour and loved the results.

I love these cupcakes because I happen to adore marzipan, and apricots, and the cupcakes with their addition of almond extract (which should normally be used VERY sparingly if at all because it's just so strong) and almond meal were very much like the cake version of marzipan candy, and the filling/glaze just compliments the nutty taste so perfectly.

Please forgive my poor photos and my poorer decorating skills. ;-)


  1. Oh, I made these for a friend's wedding a few years ago but they didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours! I love marzipan too but sometimes it's too sweet. Apricots make anything a win.

  2. Well, I had them hot out of the oven on an empty stomach - that makes anything extra delicious, doesn't it?? :-) I agree with you about apricots, I think they're so subtle and elegant... Cupcakes are just too fun to make. I have to give them away fast!

  3. As a "taste tester" of these cupcakes, I thought they were not only pretty but delicious too!