Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from The Kind Diet

Chocolate peanut butter cups from The Kind Diet. :-D

Couple of tips if you make these (which you should because if you like regular peanut butter cups you will LOVE these, but that's no surprise):

1. make sure you let the peanut butter layer set up a bit before pouring on the chocolate; otherwise the chocolate sinks in a bit and doesn't spread out evenly, as you can see in my pictures - although... who really cares?

2. The recipe is perfect, but you could play around with proportions according to your taste... I think next time I'll cut down on the Earth Balance and add more graham cracker crumbs, plus a few chunks of cracker (I like the crunch).  I say this because it would cut calories a little, and I think it would be just as yummy.


  1. Yum. I've made those once before but now I want to make them again. The chunks of graham cracker sounds pretty good. I might have to do that next time!

  2. Girl, I cannot resist these things. They are in the freezer and I keep going back and taking bites. Did you get the chocolate to spread out evenly? I think I should have let the peanut butter set first...

  3. My chocolate did spread evenly. I think I did let the peanut butter set for awhile. But it looks pretty good the way you did it it kind of sunk down in the peanut butter! :)