Sunday, January 16, 2011

Green Tea

When Chris was in San Francisco, about a year and a half ago, he went into a Chinese tea shop and bought what I came to refer to as "fancy tea."

It's fancy, that's all I know.

Anyway, I like having a cup of it around lunchtime, since I stopped drinking coffee.

...since i stopped drinking coffee...

Suddenly I love the taste and experience of drinking a cup of fancy green tea.

So are all the tea fanatics out there just caffeine addicts, no different from coffee fanatics?

I'm not discounting people's appreciation of gourmet things.... I'm just saying, why do I suddenly LOVE the way this tea tastes and feels when I never gave it the time of day while I was sucking down coffee?

Maybe my palate is more refined, delicate, sensitive, now that I'm off the strong black stuff, the way I love the taste and feel of simple brown rice after I gave up cloying, icky Krispy Creme doughnuts over a decade ago.

Maybe we all need a vice, an addiction, an obsession, a simple pleasure, a security blanket, a substance, to cope with and enhance our stressful lives.

Or maybe - stand back, genius observation ahead - the reason is a little of both.  Mmmkay, bedtime.

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