Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Favorite Cupcakes from The Kind Diet

When you're trying to impress a Little One, you don't make green tea cupcakes with a honey lemon glaze.  You make vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles.

They're so pretty and festive - I loved making them and I felt like a little kid myself, impatiently anticipating "time to decorate."

I also love playing with color, and, colorfully speaking, there's nothing I like more than pure white with bright, pretty pops of color.
These cupcakes worked as I'd hoped, because when adorable, not-quite-three Olivia arrived, she spotted them right away, and refused to let the subject die until she'd had one.

Normally I bake cupcakes (and cakes) from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  It's a wonderful cookbook.  But I decided to try Alicia Silverstone's "Favorite Cupcakes" from The Kind Diet this time, except I made vanilla buttercream frosting instead of her recommended fudge frosting.  Her cupcakes are yummy, but I think her fudge frosting would stand up to her whole wheat cake recipe better than my airy vanilla frosting... next time I'll go with the empty-calories theme and use a bleached out flour for such a silly cupcake. :-)


  1. i love those sprinkles. so cute and cheerful!

  2. Hi Lauren! I used the only cupcake recipe in The Kind Diet, called "My Favorite Cupcakes" for the cake part. I used the vanilla buttercream recipe in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (best cake cookbook EVER). Both were great but for Alicia's whole wheat cupcakes, I think a heartier frosting, like chocolate fudge, works better than the airy vanilla buttercream, which would probably be best with a plain old white flour cupcake.