Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Meals the Past Two Nights

When I somehow get distracted from healthy eating, I feel it, and I'm always so happy and excited to return to nourishing foods.  These were my meals tonight and last night (not the exact pics; these are from a previous meal, but the same dishes more or less, with some variance according to what i had on hand).

Above is Indian cauliflower, potato and greens masala.  So, so very delicious! It fills you up; it's total comfort food... yet you never feel heavy and it goes right through you. Best food ever. (I know that may sound weird, but I do not like food that sits in my gut and makes me want to sit on the sofa in a coma for 3 hours - I like food that fills me up while energizing me and making me feel ambitious).

Tonight I had 5-minute lentil stew... literally - this dish requires five minutes tops of hands on time... maybe more like three minutes! Then you just cook for 30 minutes or so, depending on your batch/variety of lentils.

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