Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Frosting

I made this chocolate cake for the superbowl... sadly, I wasn't too impressed with it.  It was totally edible, and it still calls my name from under the aluminum foil, but that's just the problem, because if it were as delicious as chocolate cake should be, there would be no cake left to tempt me at all.
I've been experimenting with chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and brownies. I have decided that I like brownies best when made from cocoa powder, not chocolate chips or bars.  And I think I like frosting or icing better with cocoa powder, too.  I feel like if I wanted to eat chocolate candy I would just eat the bar; why bother melting it just to harden it again in another form.  I guess if you are going to use chocolate chips to make your topping, they should be a really high quality chocolate.

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